Special Assistant Attorney General

An evaulation of Tom Horne's work by the then AG office stated: "During this intense and extremely pressured situation, Mr. Horne at all times performed as a brilliant, masterful, and persuasive litigator."

Lawyer for 30 Years
; substantial trial experience

Judge Pro Tem, Superior Court

Judge Pro Tem, Court of Appeals

Member of Judiciary Committee, Arizona Legislature

Author of legal text published by State Bar of Arizona (seven printings)

Teacher of Legal Writing, ASU Law School

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Executive: State Superintendent of Schools

Legislative:  Former member of the Legislature

Judicial:  Former Judge Pro Tem

Local:  School Board member for Arizona's third
largest district for 24 years, 10 years as its president
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Qualifications of Tom Horne
Substantial Service in all Branches

Tom Horne received his undergraduate degree magna cum laude from Harvard College and his J.D. with honors from the Harvard Law School

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